NYNEHEAD BOOKS specialises in retailing illustrated books and videos on Road Transport History, Lorries (Trucks), other non-passenger carrying wheeled vehicles for the transport enthusiast.

Under its ROUNDOAK imprint it has published some 30 titles to date - setting the highest standards in both content and the presentation of the subject from its very first book back in 1987 - British Trucks at Work in the Sixties. The imprint's logo of an oak leaf in a circle is familiar to a readership which is truly worldwide.

Notable titles published to date (and which are detailed on this site) include British Lorries of the 40s & 50s; London's Lorries; ERF - The World's Greatest Oil Engined Lorry; Heavy Haulage & Abnormal Loads; AEC Lorries in the Postwar Years; The Story of Pickfords; Scammell, The Load Movers from Watford; A Century of Petroleum Transport; Fisher Renwick and BRS: The Early Years.

On the Video front, the Roundoak Production 'Wynns Vol.1' on the famed heavy haulage contractors has become a popular addition to many a viewer's library whilst the 'Roadtrain' series from Australia has received a warm welcome from those whose interest in trucking extends well beyond these shore being focused on those awesome multi-wheeled multi-trailered outfits that play such an important part in the economy of the land 'down-under'.

Integral with the publications and products detailed here under the Nynehead banner are the trucking videos produced by long-time Nynehead associates CP PRODUCTIONS.

'By Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts' is an advertising slogan well past its sell-by date, used so often in the past as a 'fly-trap' to appeal to the transport enthusiast. However, on this occasion it really is the most singularly appropriate and correct phrase to use as both the CPP cameramen, Peter Connock and Martin Phippard, also hold down full-time responsible and demanding positions within the British trucking industry.

Their knowledge of the subject is reflected in the commentaries that support their complete and edited programmes - however, they also know when to stop and let the engines do the talking - you just cannot beat a Cat, Cummins or Detroit Diesel on full song, whilst the sound of a jake-brake cutting in on a steep downward grade is manna from heaven to them! Over the past twelve years they have travelled many thousands of miles and visited many countries to film the biggest and the best at work. However, their enthusiasm for the genre has not clouded their professionalism as their presentation of the subject reveals. It is apparent, even from the very first scene of their very first film 'Angels Playmate' that their approach to the subject is both refreshing and entertaining. Not for them a programme of endless roadside run-bys and, as is apparent from the picture of Peter filming the South African Rotran Pacifics from an unusual vantage point, they believe in getting on top of the job!

Further book and video titles are planned and will be detailed on this site as they become available - so don't forget to check back often to www.nynehead-books.co.uk.

Nynehead Books also sells books and videos on the other transport related subjects of civil engineeering plant & equipment; tractors, farm machinery and farming; fire and emergency vehicles; 'showland' vehicles; timber and logging operations; steam traction and off-road & 4WD vehicles.

In due course, details of all the titles stocked will be listed on this site, but in the meantime we present here current and backlisted ROUNDOAK & CPP titles as well as information on the newest and best books from other publishers which we stock.



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