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Lincoln's Excavators: The Ruston-Bucyrus Years 1930-1945

Price: 29.95

LincolnThis, the second book in Peter's Robinson's illustrious series on what was the U.K?s premier Excavator manufacturer will be available in mid-December. In 1930 Ruston-Bucyrus Ltd came into being and this book chronicles the formative years of the company through peace and wartime to 1945 when the old Ruston product range gave way to new designs and engineering methods. Models featured include the 10-RB, 14-RB, 16-RB, 17-RB, 19-RB, 20-RB, 37-RB, 43-RB, 55-RB, 100-RB, Early Walking Draglines, The Well & Blast Drills Story, Bulldozer Equipments for I-H Crawlers, Scrapers, War Production, The Early Road Carriers plus the people of Lincoln who made it all possible. 264p. 377 b/w illustrations, drawings & maps. hardback. Published by Nynehead Books under its Roundoak imprint.

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