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Ax Men DVD - Complete Season One Boxed Set

Price: 19.95

Ax Men DVD - Complete Season One Boxed SetThe Axe Men series made by the The History Channel, has been showing on television since 2008 it bringing to the viewer the day-to-day lives of dedicated Oregon loggers in intimate and thrilling detail. These are the men who lay it all on the line for their jobs. Logging in the Pacific Northwest is the most hazardous job in America, twenty-six times riskier than the average U.S. job. This set of DVDs reveals the programmes from the first series that went on air in 2008. Filmed on location, the Ax Men DVD takes you into the heart of the action. You'll be ducking your head as logs swing by and wincing as entire trees crash onto the cameras! Through the experiences of the veteran bosses and their crews, you'll know the ceaseless exhaustion, thrilling triumph and relief of living another day that can only be felt after a stretch "pulling wood" out of the hills. You'll learn the innumerable risks and great rewards awaiting the Ax Men. Three dics set with pproximately Nine and a half hours of viewing

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