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Destination Doha DVD

Price: 17.95

Destination Doha DVDDestination Doha is a legendary piece of trucking nostalgia, and essential viewing for anyone with an interest in the heyday of Middle East transport. The good news is that it has just been released on DVD. This incredible 1977 BBC 'World About Us' documentary follows Astran drivers Frank Hook, John Williams, Dave Poulton and Dick Rivers on an epic 5,000-mile journey from London to the Qatar capital Doha. The drivers encounter numerous problems on their voyage east, which takes them through 11 countries and 23 customs posts. Despite breakdowns, adverse weather conditions and an unexpected skiing trip in the Austrian Alps, the two Scanias and one Leyland Marathon finally cross Western Europe and head into communist Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. Next country on the list is Turkey, the gateway to the east, and the start of the 'Difficult Bit'. This is where the thermometers start to rise, and the driving standards start to fall. Their journey continues though Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia (where asphalt is replaced by sand) and on to Qatar. Destination Doha gives us a great taste of the hardships that drivers encountered on this gruelling but exciting route. It was a tough existence, but at 8,000 per annum, it's easy to see why drivers were tempted by this lonely and difficult lifestyle. approx. 98 minutes

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