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Price: 22.00

TruckersThis is not the usual truck book but ensemble of photographs from contributors which document stories, thoughts and views of U.S. truckers and their experiences on the road. If you want a book featuring trucks DO NOT ORDER IT. The images are all in black and white and are assembled under headings. A Mayonnaise, on its Journey; Understandings, Isolation, sleep; Passing time, everyday life, needs; Fuel, costs, labour; Health, mental and physical; Technology, freedom,family. There are around 100 photographs in the books 124 pages Most of the images are of the diverse range of people who share their thoughts and view with the reader. There are not many images of trucks however. There is a bleak rawness about this book and it is definitely one for the purist and for those whose library and interests extends to the widest perimeter of the genre. 124p. approx 100 photographs (nearly all black and white), hardback

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