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Transeuropa Edition 2

Price: 32.50

Transeuropa Edition 2Last autumn we brought you Transorient, now we bring you from the same source the book Transeuropa Edition 2. Published in a large landscape style very similar to Transorient but with more pages and many more pictures Transeuropa Edition 2 takes the reader around Europe (excluding the UK) during the 1960s, 70s & 80s presenting in its 288 pages over 750 colour & b/w pictures of long-distance lorries - rigids, drawbar & articulated units - in a time when there were many more manufacturers producing lorries and trucks for working on Europe's highways and roads. This was an era when vehicles still had character featuring much differing design & styling. The French vehicles had those strange cabs, the Italians ran those fantastic 'Milledpiedi' outfits - eight wheelers with eight wheel drawbar trailers running at 44 tons, and then there was those futuristic looking powder-silo units from Scandinavia. Unfortunately all that individuality has now disappeared but through Transeuropa Edition 2 that time is brought back to life. As with the Transorient book it features both English and German text and captioning and is undoubtedly the best English language book to date to be published on the subject of European road haulage. Please note: This book is devoted to European operators & their trucks, no British operators feature in this book. 288 pages, 750 plus colour & b/w illustrations, hardback. Please note: The first Transeuropa book is out of print and did not feature any english text.

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