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The Long Haul Pioneers

Price: £29.95

The Long Haul PioneersIt all started in 1964 when two friends embarked on a journey which few hardened truckers would have considered. They were solely responsible the first long haul overland route across Europe and deep into the Middle East to Kabul. The men had started the ‘Middle East Run’, something that was to become a phenomenon in the road haulage industry, an image which still holds good today. This book on the story of Astran International documents the complete history of the company to date with the focus predominantly on the early days when the men were fighting for something and revelling in an adventure. Those early long haul drivers would think nothing of a 10,000 mile round trip to Iran or the Arabian Gulf and being stranded at 6,000 feet on a mountain pass with temperatures below -40 was all part of a day’s work. 320 pages with 345 photographs, hardback.

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