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Kenworth Trucks of the 1950s at Work

Price: 28.95

Kenworth Trucks of the 1950s at WorkFor Kenworth, the 1950s were some of its most exciting years. A financial windfall started out the decade, with a special truck built for ARAMCO that proved so successful that it quickly became a standard at oil sites around the world. In the mid 1950s Kenworth began building trucks in Canada for the fast growing Canadian market and a new design with the cab beside the engine was wildly successful as it upped the cargo capacity by 1,000 pounds and offered greatly improved visibility for the driver. In 1956 the company became a subsidiary of the Pacific Car and Foundry Company. The 900 model, with a lighter, shorter chassis, was the first design introduced under this change of ownership, and gained a reputation for unsurpassed reliability as a true workhorse (especially the 923). The first tilt cab over engine was introduced in 1957 with easier access to the engine and transmission for servicing. Here are these trucks in their most glorious years. 128 pages, 128 illustrations. softback Available December

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