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Bulkhaul Volume 3 DVD

Price: 16.95

Bulkhaul Volume 3 DVD Due in December, this, the third in CPs popular Bulkhaul series is an international programme offering something for everyone fascinated by bulk haulage operations. Volvo XXL bulk tanker Pete Connock and Martin Phippard include features on an unusual MAN and four-axle semi-trailer with two tipping bodies used in Southern Sweden and an impressive Scania 8-wheel tipper employed to haul biomass fuel for Scot Heating based in Stirling, Scotland. Pete and Martin also show a stunning Volvo XXL bulk tanker drawbar outfit working in the snow and ice of a Finnish winter and an interesting Volvo FM rigid and drawbar tipper operated by HN Sillifant & Son from Cornwall. Five-trailer road train, QueenslandThe programme concludes with unique footage of five-trailer road-train combinations working in a vast coal mine in Queensland, Australia. Grossing around 480 tonnes and measuring almost 70 metres (230 feet) overall, these leviathans require the services of a Kenworth C-500 tractor at the front end and powered axles located in the third trailer. Spectacular is a word often over-used, but NOT in this instance! Approx. 70 mins

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