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Henschel HS 140

Price: 14.95

Henschel HS 140After several years of enforced break the Henschel works in Kassel in 1949 to build proprietary truck again. The first is a six-tonne, which will be named HS 6 according to the payload. Under the hood is working sleek long Lanova a six-cylinder diesel. As the impressive trucks in 1950 to go into production, they get the type name HS due to the engine power of 140 hp 140 The series remains in the program until 1961, most recently with 192 hp. Here are all of the type HS 140 model series as well as the stronger hood wagon HS 150 and HS 170 are presented in words and pictures. The mostly previously unpublished pictures show the cars in their environment with a variety of building types and at different inserts. Completing the presentation of original documents such as prospectus impressions and detailed technical data tables. GERMAN TEXT 144 pages, 280 ill. s/b.

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