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Truck Files 5 - Hard Yards in New Zealand's big hill country DVD

Price: 18.95

Truck Files 5 - Hard Yards in New ZealandThis new programme in the Truck Files series that features newly two hours of heavy duty working trucks in New Zealand as it takes the viewer to that country's high passes and mountain territory where the the unsung heroes of the road - the line-haul boys who toll day and night - cover the miles hauling the nation's needs. Also featured are special loads and heavy movements on both of the country's main island's as well as livestock haulage - on both road and water - plus tipper work and heavy outfits hauling whatever is allocated to them. Hard Yards is all about hill-work - either holding back down steep inclines or on the pull on hard climbs that define trucking in New Zealand. This DVD is big on scenery and showcases what many truckers get to see through the windscreen as part and parcel of the job. running time 115 minutes. now available

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