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V.D.Vlist 40 Jaar in Beeld - (40 years in pictures)

Price: 26.50

V.D.Vlist 40 Jaar in Beeld - (40 years in pictures)The author began taking photographs of road haulage vehicles in back 1980 and his hobby now represents his full-time as a professional photographer. He has commenced to reveal his archive in book and has chosen one of his favourite companies V.D. Vlist as his first foray into print. The photographs feature vehicle and units operated by that company over the past 40 years, the first image being that of a bonneted Scania LT110 from the 970s - the final that of a Euro 6 Volvo FH4. In between is a book packed with colour images of heavy haulage units undertaking all sorts of heavy movements - plant & equipment-including excavators, cranes, dozers, shovels, dumpers; rolling stock; fabrications; planers; tanks and vessels; wind farm equipment; military vehicles and more. The bonus with this book is that although it features a Netherlands based company the author's captioning is in both dutch and english. The format is landscape and we consider it is a very worthwhile addition to the bookshelves of all those interested in the world of heavy haulage. English and Dutch text. 176 pages, 173 colour & 2 b/w images. hardback

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