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Great Lakes Specials DVD

Price: 12.99

Great Lakes Specials DVDThis is a re-issue of a CPP programme first published in 1993 on the old Video cassette format. The quality is certainly not up to today's standards but because of its unique and increasingly historical content we have decided to issue the programme on DVD. Great Lakes Specials focuses on the activities of the unique ll-axle multi-wheel outfits in northern Michigan State, USA, designed to cope with the stringent weight restrictions on the States roads and highways. The programme includes the impressive sight of eight-axle trailer outfits of Cadillac Asphalte working out of an asphalte batching plant hauled by some of America's finest heavy trucks and impressive B-Train 'break doubles' hauling coiled steel for the motor industry powered by LTL Fords and other famous North American truck marques such as Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Mack. We are also treated to the rare sight of a classic Brockway 361 outfit on aggregate work and multi-axled truck-trailer outfits hauling 50-tonne payloads of pulpwood from forest to mill. A fascinating programme - just listen to those Cats and Detroit Diesels. 60 mins.

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