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The Truck Files - Volume 2 'Oversize' DVD

Price: 16.95

The Truck Files - Volume 2 New Zealand's off-highway logging trucks are the major stars in this the second volume of The Truck Files. Massive Tri-Drive 600hp Kenworth, Western Star and Pacific rigs dragging tri-axle stem trailers around the massive Kaingaroa forest estate in the volcanic plateau country of the North Island kick off the action. They are allied with even more massive Kenworth, Pacific, Mack and Western Star prime movers pulling off-road doubles laden with 120 tonne loads around the region. Almost a country within a country, the Kaingaroa has it's own road rules, which allow gross train weights up to 150 tonne to operate with impunity, and the North American gear has to be able to handle the brutal conditions and size of the loads. The Truck Files 2 shows everything from loading in the bush through to wood-chip liners dragging chip to Port Tauranga where a Cat D11R 'Chipdozer' builds a chip mountain ready for shipping. Further south we'll watch a 6x6 Mack logger showing how it is done in the South Island, and take a trip with the only 12V71 V-12 Detroit Diesel at work on New Zealand roads. The sound of the V-12 at full cry is truly something, and as owner George Wallis says on the programme, the V-12 is "the best way of turning diesel into noise!" A visit to New Zealand's largest city reveals a heavy-haul specialist using a Mack Super Liner preparing to haul a 100 tonne transformer off a ship and onto the road. Finally, the 'Oversize' theme of this programme is rounded off with a look at giant 6x6 Terex stem haulers put on the dirt to haul big loads out of difficult country. 60 min.

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