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Wynns 3 DVD

Price: 16.95

Wynns 3 DVDThis, the third programme the men and machines of that illustrious company Robert Wynn & Sons, presents a variety of movements and and associated work undertaken in Great Britain during its heyday. As before it is narrated by the man who was there at the time, John Wynn. Whilst the company?s heavy movements will always take centre stage it is important to remember that they were called upon in their time to perform many varied and specialist tasks far from the limelight such as the placing of heavy slabs or the hauling of pipes. Examples of both of these type of operation are featured in this programme. As to the big loads well, the do not come much bigger than the Bessemer convertors brought in by sea and moved by the company into the steel works at Port Talbot and Llanwern in the 1960s, two of those movements are featured here. The sea is also much in evidence in the final feature when Wynns were tasked with the transportation of Butane storage tanks to the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles. Things did not go quite according to plan as you will see and a few lessons were learnt on the way, but as ever in the end the job was completed. Running time - 45 minutes

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