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Showland Transport (First Series)

Price: 14.95

Showland Transport  (First Series)100 colour and black & white photographs of working showland vehicles taken by Peter Davies over the past 40 years for viewing on your computer. Enjoy the view of former road haulage lorries, trucks and artic tractors living out an extended life courtesy of the showland folk who take pride in the presentation of their vehicles. All the popular makes feature; Foden, AEC, Leyland, ERF, Maudslay and more. Important these images are for personal use only being copyright protected. Disc copying or supplying images for others is strictly prohibited. The disc will be sent under separate cover from book and/or video/dvd orders. Postage per disc is ?1.00 (our order system is set-up to charge a minimum of ?2.00 postage and the automatic acknowledgment will reflect this. However, you will only charged ?15.95 inclusive of postage.

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