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Australian & NZ Trucking Books, DVDs

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The Truck Files - Volume 1 'Backtracks' DVD-R
Heavy-duty trucks from the USA, U.K., Europe, Australia & Japan hard at work in New Zealand?s South Island?s spectacular back country on and mainly off-road enduring dust, mud and ...
The Truck Files - Volume 1
New Zealand Road Memories 1920s-1960s Video (PAL VHS format)
A collection of newsreel and publicity films from the 1920s to the 1960s depicting cars, trucks, buses and road building in New Zealand. 25 minutes of the programme is devoted to a superb colour film originally produced in 1967 by N Z Road Carriers Association featuring haulage contractors of the time operating virtually 100% British built or designed vehicles with Bedfords, Fodens, Leylands and others feature. 70 min.
New Zealand Road Memories 1920s-1960s Video (PAL VHS format)

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