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British Road Transport History Books, DVDs

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W. Clifford Watts Est. 1937 - An Illustrated History.
Records the development of the North & East Yorkshire operator involved quarrying and the hauling of sand, gravel & aggregate, plant hire and ready-mix operations that began opera...
W. Clifford Watts  Est. 1937 - An Illustrated History.
Whitbread: 250 Years of Brewery Transport - save over 15.00 on original published price
Published in association with the famous brewer, the book by Arthur Ingram chronicles the development of Whitbread's transport fleet through the days of horse-power, steam, petrol ...
Whitbread: 250 Years of Brewery Transport - save over 15.00 on original published price
Top Tipper Trio DVD
Now at last on DVD, Top Tipper Trio follows three of the Great Britain's most exciting trucks of the early 1990s as they go about their daily runs. Trucks featured in the programme...
Top Tipper Trio DVD
London Brick Second Edition
A potted history of the brick manufacturer and its road fleet. Reprint will a few changes. 52p illustrated....
Southall Twilight DVD
Not new but newly released on DVD are three historic AEC promotional lorry films from the 1960s aggregated together under the name of Southall Twilight. In the first, a Mandator V8...
Foden: My Life with the Company
Harold Nancollis's fascinating, informative and valuable recollections of working for the Foden company for over 45 years ending in 1982 164p. approx 250 b&w ill. h/b. ...
Walls Ice Cream
A new title in the Nostalgia Road Series on the company's transport history featuring not only their mobile ice cream vans but also the vehicles from the delivery fleet. Story ends...
Walls Ice Cream
British Lorries 1945 - 1965
Drawing from a vast private collection of lorry manufacturers' sales brochures and publicity material, this book provides an enthralling history of the British lorry since the Seco...
British Lorries 1945 - 1965
Bedford Commercials of the 1930s
A recent title in the Nostalgia road series that takes a look at the first generation and pre-war models. 52p. 150 b/w captioned illustrations. s/b ...
Bedford Commercials of the 1930s
Lorries: 1890s to 1970s
From lumbering house-shakers on solid tyres to smooth turbo-power in the 1970s, the lorry has come a very long way in a remarkably short time. In the early competition between stea...
Lorries: 1890s to 1970s

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