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Fire, Ambulance & Police Vehicle Books , DVDs

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American Funeral Vehicles 1883 - 2003
An illustrated History. The most complete, in-depth book on hearses and funeral cars ever! A subject not to everbody's taste. 160p. 300+ b&w ill. s/b. Due Dec 2003....
Classic American Funeral Vehicles 1900-1980 Photo Archive
Landscape format Photobook with captioning. What more can you say - the title says everything! 128p. 123 b&w ill. s/b....
Armoured and Heavy Vehicles of the R.U.C. 1922 - 2001
An illustrated history of the many & varied types of armoured & protected vehicles that saw service with the RUC from its inception in 1922 to 2001. Makes such as Lancia, Crossley,...
Armoured and Heavy Vehicles of the R.U.C. 1922 - 2001
Nederlandse Brandweer Klassiekers
Landscape format book that features classic Dutch Fire Fighting vehicles mainly from the 1950s / 1960s era. English & Dutch text 96p. 80 b/w ill. h/b. ...
Nederlandse Brandweer Klassiekers
Volkswagen Feuerwehrzeuge
Highly illustrated book featuring the products of Volkswagen - the legendary Beetle, Kubelwagen and floating cars, VW 1500 and 1600, VW 411 and 412, the K 70, Passat, VW Transport...
Fire Service at War DVD
Features four films from the Imperial War Museum made from footage taken during WWII of historical importance - I was a Fireman; Fire Services at War, Fire of London, Mobilising Pr...
Fire Service at War DVD
Rust und Geratewagen
The expert on fire department vehicles Manfred Gihl, presents the first comprehensive Documentation of the setup and equipment support vehicles With data and the use of photograph...
Rust und Geratewagen
Illustrated Encyclopaedia of American Fire Engine Manufacturers
From Abbott & Downing to Zwak, this comprehensive volume combines company histories, innovations and hundreds of photographs to present the story of American fire engine manufactur...
Illustrated Encyclopaedia of American Fire Engine Manufacturers

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