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The Secret State - Whitehall & the Cold War
Reveals the full extent of Britain's preparations for nuclear war during the Cold War. When would the Prime Minister have authorized the use of nuclear force? At what stage in a nu...
The Secret State - Whitehall & the Cold War
Disaster Underground
The story of ammunition storage underground and the disasters & accidents that ensued due to a lack of safety arrangements including the 1944 Fauld Gypsum Quarry disaster when this...
Disaster Underground
London's Secret Tubes
London's wartime citadels, subways & shelters uncovered. Built between the 1930s and 1960s, a substantial number of tunnels exist that few people know about. This story of these su...
Subterranean City: Beneath The Streets of London
A fascinating book on what lies below the Capital's streets, from roman remains, to hidden rivers, underground railways, sewers, vast water mains, wartime retreats and cold-war bom...
Subterranean City: Beneath The Streets of London
Underground London: Travels beneath the City Streets
A personal travelogue of the city?s subterranea. A fascinating examination of the capital?s nether regions. From Guy Fawkes to Mail Rail, bunkers, Aldwych tube station and the unde...
Underground London: Travels beneath the City Streets
Secret Underground Cities
The untold story of Britain?s underground headquarters & factories born out of the threat from the air in WW1 to the Cold War period. Story of an engineering achievement - of which...
Secret Underground Bristol and Beyond
A multitude of aspects feature: Clifton Rocks Railway, Corsham, sewers & drains, caves, medieval cellars, stone mines etc in this look at what lies below. 128p. 140+ images. s/b. ...
Secret Underground Bristol and Beyond
London Transport Garages
A superb and thoroughly well research book on the subject covering mainly the period from 1933 when London Transport came into being until 1969 when the Country area split away. Th...
London Transport Garages
Birmingham's Industrial Heritage
Birmingham was a renowned manufacturing centre by the 18th century and the city rapidly grew into the primary industrial centre of the Midlands. An account of Birmingham's heyday o...
Cammell Laird
The first 36 pages of this book major on the history of Cammell Laird in its Birkenhead whilst the remaining 90 pages feature some of the impressive ships that have been built and ...
Cammell Laird

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