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London: Its Transport & Life

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Streets of the City - Histories of the City of London's principle streets
This book shares with the reader the author's intimate knowledge of the City of London's rich history - its streets, its people, its commercial activities, livery companies and chu...
Streets of the City - Histories of the City of London
London's Last Routemasters
A review of the types final years in colour that ended in London in December 2005 - over 50 years since RM1 the prototype first turned its wheels. Not since the demise of the RT ha...
London Transport Garages
A superb and thoroughly well research book on the subject covering mainly the period from 1933 when London Transport came into being until 1969 when the Country area split away. Th...
London Transport Garages
London's Metro-Land
Looks at the ways in which both the Met and private developers encouraged people to move out from districts closer to central London to the new Metro-Land communities. With numerou...
The Bus We Loved (Softback Edition)
In this fond history, the author tells the story of the Routemaster's invention, its rise and decline, the people who worked on it, the enthusiasts who were mad about it. 204p. b/...
The Bus We Loved (Softback Edition)
London Country
In the perpetual world of re-organisation London Country came and went in less than 20 years. Created from the Green country routes of London Transport it eventually succumbed to d...
London Country
Routemaster Requiem
As expected with the demise of the Routemaster on the Capital's roads and streets a spate of books on the subject appear. Just like waiting for a bus for ages when all of a sudden ...
Routemaster Requiem
Cross River Traffic: A History of London's Bridges
Tells the history of the current crossings - Putney bridge to Tower bridge - and their predecessors, how and why they were built and incidents that have occurred on them - from gh...
Cross River Traffic: A History of London
London's Metro-land
Metro-land, an evocative name given to that area north-west of London in Bucks, Middlesex & Herts by the estates department of the Metropolitan Railway where green fields were tur...
The Longest Night: Voices from the London Blitz
Saturday 10th May 1941 saw Arsenal playing Preston at Wembley for the FA Cup; Australian journalist John Hughes starts his shift at Reuters in Fleet Street; Reenie Carter reports f...
The Longest Night: Voices from the London Blitz

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