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Ford Transit: Fifty Years
This book presents a commemorative history of fifty years of the iconic Ford Transit van, from the launch of the first-generation Transit in 1965, right up to the present day. Cove...
Ford Transit: Fifty Years
V.D.Vlist 40 Jaar in Beeld - (40 years in pictures)
The author began taking photographs of road haulage vehicles in back 1980 and his hobby now represents his full-time as a professional photographer. He has commenced to reveal his ...
V.D.Vlist 40 Jaar in Beeld - (40 years in pictures)
Beyond the Bosphorus : British Drivers on the Middle-East Routes
The Middle East has always been one of the most challenging destinations for lorry drivers. In the 1970s and 80s, many drivers may not have even heard of the destinations they were...
Beyond the Bosphorus : British Drivers on the Middle-East Routes
ERF B,C, CP & E Series at Work
Patrick Dyer's eighth book in the 'at work' series takes the reader on a journey with ERF, England's last independent truck manufacturer, between the years 1975 and 1993 with the B...
ERF B,C, CP & E Series at Work
Britain's Lorries in the '70s - save over £4.00 reduced from £26.95
It is nearly 20 years since we published Peter Davies' British Lorries of the Sixties, the last decade virtually dominated by British manufacturers, now we move on and this book in...
Trucks in the 1980s
Many would argue the 1980s were a better time for truck drivers than nowadays: no mobile phones, less traffic on the road, CB radio was all the rage and stickers were the heart of ...
Trucks in the 1980s
High, Wide & Heavy 2 - save £5.00, reduced from £29.95
Finally after much delay due to personal circumstances - including a broken leg here at Nynehead - HIGH, WIDE & HEAVY 2 is completed and will b delivered here on 4th December 2012 ...
High, Wide & Heavy 2  - save £5.00, reduced from £29.95
Where’s Sharawrah?
This is the true story of Gordon Pearce, an English truck driver determined to get the job done. Told in Gordon's ironic, modest style and illustrated with photos from that time, W...
Where’s Sharawrah?
Lincoln's Excavators: The Ruston-Bucyrus Years 1970-1985 Now in Stock
This is the fourth and final volume in the illustrious series of books by Peter Robinson on the history of Ruston-Bucyrus and it’s antecendents published by Roundoak. With the co...
Fifty Shades of Tarmac
t was 1972. It was summer - and the living was easy! Arthur Jackson has a good job, no ties and no responsibilities, but it is not enough - he wants adventure and he wants to see t...
Fifty Shades of Tarmac

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