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Nth American Truck &Trucking Books, DVDs

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Ford 4x4s 1935-1990 Photo History
Covers every 4x4 built by Ford from the Marmon Herrington, Ford Jeep, Bronco, Bornco II, Rangers & more. 120p. 152 b&w ill. s/b....
Classic American Heavy Trucks
Jansen. This quality title features the products of over 40 different manufacturers North American heavy trucks - past & present. The book abounds with photographs of lesser known ...
Classic American Heavy Trucks
Dump Trucks
The Ddevelopment of U.S. truck-based dump-trucks from turn of the century to present time. Detailed captions support 500 illustrations of trucks from America's past & present. 224p...
Dump Trucks
Loggers: From Chainsaw to Sawmill in British Columbia DVD
Features the men and machinery of Hayes Forest Services at work on Vancouver Island as they toil from stump to dump felling timber and extracting it by truck, train and helicopter ...
Loggers: From Chainsaw to Sawmill in British Columbia DVD
Cross Canada Haul DVD-R
CPP's splendid feature on heavy-duty trucking operations in five separate regions of one of the world's largest yet least populated countries. Here's the itinerary: the sight and s...
Cross Canada Haul DVD-R
Alaska Highway DVD
Truckers and their vehicles, working under pressure hauling timber, wood products and oil in extreme conditions. From the ice, snow & mud of Autumn & Winter to the insect laden, du...
Loaded & Rollin' DVD-R
This brand programme from the CPP team features hard-working truckers in Alaska, Canada, Continental USA, Sweden, U.K. & Australia going about their daily work hauling fuel and goo...
Loaded & Rollin
West Coast Revisited DVD-R
This stunning video programme visits North America's west coast and presents some of the most exciting images of heavy-duty trucks and trucking operations to be seen that side of t...
West Coast Revisited DVD-R
Trucking & Living in Canada DVD
Features interviews with truckers, police and instructors plus driving conditions, types of rigs driven, what Canadian truckers think of their jobs and features a range of trucks a...
Trucking & Living in Canada DVD
Custom Cutters DVD
In 2005, ten years after he filmed The Two Thousand Mile Harvest Dylan Winter returned to America to film the 2005 grain harvest starting in south Oklahoma and ending in North Dako...
Custom Cutters DVD

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