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Breuer & Wasel: 60 Jahre Erfahrung und Geschichte
Packed with images - 99% of which are in colour - this book chronicles the work, support vehicles, mobile and heavylift cranes and other equipment of mobile and static heavylift cr...
Breuer & Wasel: 60 Jahre Erfahrung und Geschichte
R G LeTourneau Heavy Equipment: The Mechanical drive Era 1921 - 1953
This first volume of Eric Orlemann’s two part set on these fantastic machine creations covers the early years up until the sale of the company to Westinghouse in 1953. LeTourneau w...
R G LeTourneau Heavy Equipment: The Mechanical drive Era 1921 - 1953
Idaho's Bunker Hill
Idaho's Bunker Hill provides a much-needed account of one of the most important mining companies in the history of the American West. The author deftly weaves together strands of b...
Gottwald Autokrane
The products of Gottwald are a fascinating subject for those interested in the subject of heavy lift cranes. This new book examines the truck / lorry mounted cranes produced by the...
Gottwald Autokrane
Les Chasse-Neige
A recent highly illustrated publication in the Charge Utile Hors Serie. The subject being the specialist machines utilised for snow clearing operations. The layout is chronological...
Les Chasse-Neige
Hydraulic Excavators - The UK's Largest Units
The most in-depth & comprehensive reference work on this specialised section of the U.K?s plant industry to date. 80 different models are featured, they providing a visual insight ...
Hydraulic Excavators - The UK
Kopuku - Caterpillar, Stevensons and Goughs 'Partners in Progress'
This book outlines New Zealand's huge Waikato open-cast mine's colourful history. It takes readers back to the late 1950s and 1960s, when the mine was operating at its peak. The r...
Kopuku - Caterpillar, Stevensons and Goughs
Cat & Zeppelin
Zeppelin is synonymous with airships but it is also associated with the selling & distribution of Caterpillar products from 45 branches in Germany, and branches in the Czech Republique, Slovakia, & the Ukraine in a relationship similar to that of Finnings here in the UK. Spans 50 years of the two companies association together with data and facts and supported by approx. 400 illust in b&w & colour seen for the first time.GERMAN TEXT hardback
Cat & Zeppelin
DEMAG Bagger aus Dusseldorf
Chronicles history & evolution of Demag tracked / wheeled excavators / face shovels - both mechanical & hydraulic. GERMAN TEXT. 144p. approx 300 illust. hardback ...
DEMAG Bagger aus Dusseldorf
Kockums Landswerk Interconsult Baumaschinen und Fahrzeuggeschichte
Yes, the book is finally available and in stock! This is the illustrated history of the Swedish company that built excavators and dump trucks that was subsequently taken over by Vo...
 Kockums Landswerk Interconsult Baumaschinen und Fahrzeuggeschichte

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