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Bagger: Die Grose Chronik all Deutschen Hersteller
Highly illustrated, this book firstly chronicles the history & development of German wheeled and tracked excavators and then takes an individual look at those manufacturers produc...
Bagger: Die Grose Chronik all Deutschen Hersteller
Bau Fahrzeuge
Lothar Husemann turns his attention to those fascinating vehicles that service the needs of the building industry and building sites- dump trucks and tippers, cement mixers, low lo...
Bau Fahrzeuge
Erdbewegungs Maschinen (Earth Moving Machinery)
ERDBEWEGUNGS MASCHINEN (Earth Moving Machinery) Noted writer Lothar Husemann presents a fine array of earth moving plant & machinery in this new book featuring modern images and cu...
Erdbewegungs Maschinen (Earth Moving Machinery)
Muldenkipper (Evolution of Dumper Trucks)
Another winner from H-H Cohrs.Tells the story and evolution of the heavy duty off-road/on site dumper. Includes a chapter on mishaps and accidents. The pictures have been sourced f...
Muldenkipper (Evolution of Dumper Trucks)
Giganten Der Arbeit - 40 Jahre Fahrzeugkranbau in der DDR
Features drawings, tables, images of truck mounted, mobile and tracked cranes manufactured in the old East German State. For the technically minded only. GERMAN TEXT 631 pages, ill...
Gateway to the Moon - Building the Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex
History of the origin, design & construction of the lunar launch facilities at the Kennedy Space Center. Includes archival illustrations & diagrams of locations, personnel & equipm...
Quarries & Lorries DVD-R
This new action-packed programme kicks off in Somerset?s Mendip Hills where the process of limestone quarrying is explored. Heavy-duty off-road dump trucks plough through the mud a...
Quarries & Lorries DVD-R
Big Earthmovers DVD
This programme features some of the larger earth-moving equipment working on major projects in Britain. It includes excavators up to 85 tonnes; crawler tractors up to D9; articulat...
Big Earthmovers  DVD
Excavation on Film DVD
Massive excavators from early in the century, huge draglines, drilling and blasting, earth moving plant and light railway systems all feature in this new archive video. If you like...
Excavation on Film  DVD
Gerken hired-out platforms in Europe and is considered the specialist of the industry. Gerken offers Stages of more than 100m high but the supply of not so high devices are the mai...

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