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Routemaster Retrospective
The Routemaster is now out of service but that does not stop the books on the subject being published. This recent title on the type covers its withdrawal route by route, commencin...
Routemaster Retrospective
London Transport in the 1930s
An evocative look back at the passenger transport scene in London in the decade before the Second World War. Features Buses, trams, trolleybuses, underground rolling stock and arch...
London Transport in the 1930s
Saved from the Scrapyard: Scottish Buses Recycled
Presents many examples of buses that saw service in Scotland from the 1950s and their uses after they had served their time as a PSV. Recording their afterlife this fascinating boo...
Saved from the Scrapyard: Scottish Buses Recycled
AEC Reliance - save over 15.00 on original published price
This book recalls the story of the best-selling post-war A.E.C. single deck passenger chassis. That the A.E.C. 'Reliance' was a commercial success cannot be doubted, as its conside...
AEC Reliance - save over 15.00 on original published price
Routemaster Jubilee
One of a number of books that focuses on the Routemast bus, this one published to tie in with the types 50th anniversary and whilst the type was still an operational psv in London;...
Routemaster Jubilee
Routemaster Requiem
As expected with the demise of the Routemaster on the Capital's roads and streets a spate of books on the subject appear. Just like waiting for a bus for ages when all of a sudden ...
Routemaster Requiem
The Bus We Loved: London's Affair with the Routemaster
In this fond history, the author tells the story of the Routemaster's invention, its rise and decline, the people who worked on it, the enthusiasts who were mad about it. 204p. b/...
The Bus We Loved: London
London's Last Routemasters
A review of the types final years in colour that ended in London in December 2005 - over 50 years since RM1 the prototype first turned its wheels. Not since the demise of the RT ha...
London Transport in Exile: 1950s & 1960s
Features ex London Buses working for other companies & corporations. 80p. 85 colour ill. h/b. Due July. ...
London Transport Buses
A Colour Portfolio Recalls the changes of the late 1960s and early 1970s as and the swan-song of the RT and RF. 96p.150 b&w ill. h/b. ?14.99 ...
London Transport Buses

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