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Milk Spills & One-Log Loads
Frank White started writing the story of his life as a pioneer BC truck driver in 1974 when he was only sixty. His boisterous yarn in Raincoast Chronicles about wrangling tiny truc...
Milk Spills & One-Log Loads
Das Forstmaschinen Album
Modern forestry machines are an indispensable asset for those engaged in forest work. It is always impressive to watch the huge vehicles as they go about their everyday tasks as we...
Das Forstmaschinen Album
Tie Hackers & Timber Harvesters
Hackers to Timber Harvesters : The History of Logging in British Columbia's Interior - The complete history of logging in British Columbia - documents the people & characters, comp...
Tie Hackers & Timber Harvesters
Ax Men DVD - Complete Season One Boxed Set
The Axe Men series made by the The History Channel, has been showing on television since 2008 it bringing to the viewer the day-to-day lives of dedicated Oregon loggers in intimate...
Ax Men DVD - Complete Season One Boxed Set
Deadfall: Generations of Logging in the Pacific Northwest
Documents, through personal stories, dramatic changes in the logging industry since the early 1900s. 202p. 20+ illustrations. softback...
Cut and Run Logging - Logging off the Big Woods
An unprecedented rape of Mother Nature from the 1880s to the 1940s completely changed the wooded landscape in the northern Great Lakes region of America as well as the society and ...
Cut and Run Logging  - Logging off the Big Woods
The Oregon-American Lumber Company - Ain't No More
A lavishly illustrated history of the company which in its heyday was one of the most important lumber firms in the Pacific Northwest. It operated from 1922 to 1957 and the book pr...
The Oregon-American Lumber Company - Ain
Loggers: From Chainsaw to Sawmill in British Columbia DVD
Features the men and machinery of Hayes Forest Services at work on Vancouver Island as they toil from stump to dump felling timber and extracting it by truck, train and helicopter ...
Loggers: From Chainsaw to Sawmill in British Columbia DVD
Loggers of the BC Coast
This book is a blend of history and autobiography set against the primitive background of post-war logging camps. The author's memories of 41 years in the woods from 1951 are crisp...
Loggers of the BC Coast

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